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This site beeps at you every two minutes. You can change the alert from "beep" to "vibrate," and vice-versa, but you can't turn the sound off. Annoying isn't it? That's what Verizon Wireless does to its wireless customers. If you are a Verizon Wireless customer and you miss a call, your phone beeps or vibrates every two minutes until the phone dies or you acknowledge the missed call. Why?

Sure, I want to know I've missed a call so I can return it. And I can imagine situations where I might want a more active alert when I have missed a call. But every missed call does not have that level of urgency, and for me the visual alert on the phone's screen is sufficient 99.9% of the time. I can see having the "missed call alert" beep/vibrate as an option for special situations, but having it as a default "feature" that cannot be turned off or configured is a MAJOR annoyance. It is so annoying, in fact, that I bought a domain name and made this web page to complain about it.

Here are three true scenarios:

  • Not having driven a car in six years, I was in California, driving an SUV across Donner Pass. My cell phone was in my purse. Friends in New York were calling. Family members in California were calling. I was white knuckling it across the Sierras and the last thing on my agenda was answering phone calls. It didn't really help my anxiety level to hear the BEEP . . . BEEP . . . BEEP "missed call alert" every two minutes until I hit Reno and I could finally get to the phone and turn the beep off.
  • In the ofice, I'm not the only Verizon Wireless customer. Coworkers go off to meetings, to lunch, to the bathroom, and believe it or not, they don't carry their cell phones with them every second of the day. All day long, BEEP . . . BEEP . . . BEEP, or VRMMMM . . . VRMMMM . . . VRMMMM, every two minutes. In an office, it's almost like a symphony with so many of them.
  • Last week I went to bed early, exhausted, dreading a very early day the next day. Earlier I had charged my phone in preparation for the long day ahead of me. I sleep in a loft, and I left my cell phone "downstairs," on "vibrate." A friend called after I'd gone to sleep. I didn't hear the phone ring, but the vibrating "missed call alert" woke me up every two minutes all night long. As a bonus, the phone's battery was drained by morning.

Think of the child saying, "Mom . . . mom . . . mom . . . mom . . . mom . . . mom . . . mom . . . mom . . .mom . . ."


In March 2008 I called Verizon and asked how to turn off the missed call alert. I mean, I am able to change my ringtones, and I can even have different rings for each person in my phone book if I want to, but as I explained to Verizon customer service, I can't figure out how to control the missed call alert. Guess what: you can't control it, according to Verizon.

In September 2008, Verizon called me to persuade me to extend my contract, offering me the tantalizing lure of a new phone. I asked, "Can I configure or turn off the missed call alert?" They couldn't tell me. I went to the Verizon store and talked with sales people and tech support. Apparently all Verizon phones have the manditory, non-configurable missed call alert.

What do you think? If you despise the missed call alert as much as I do, or if you can think of a good reason why the phone owner should not be able to control it, I want to hear your thoughts. I also hope others will call Verizon to complain.

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Posted: 10 December 2011 by sam
It seems some people don't understand the problem. The missed call alert keeps irritating you-even if the caller didn't leave a message. There should be a way to edit/delete the sound without affecting the other alerts. The people who came up with the solution of "turn the phone off or turn the volume down to vibrate" don't understand the problem. I am having no luck with my Motorola phone. I think Samsung phones have the option to adjust the missed call alert.

Posted: 30 June 2011 by RS from US US
Any phone that miss call alerts? Does anyone knows?

Posted: 8 May 2011 by taz_gurrl
this is driving me crazy i hate the missed call beep and there is no way to get rid of it!!!

Posted: 10 January 2011 by Brian from Boon Docks
I agree, something should be done about it...I believe it would be worthwhile to look into keeping both of the incredibly annoying features, as the article gently reminds us of other situations that are just as attention-getting as the beep/vibrate. I think a nerf-foam covered phone would be in it would give some of us an opportunity to hurl it, or stomp it, or possibly bite it with sheer unabated gusto. I believe that would actually be a relief when it was done. It was amazing how accurate the sound is on here...very realistic, all I had handy to hurl was a shoe....dangit. And, oh yes, Lotta spam around there obviously..odd... note to self...take bread and mayo to California...potential for sammiches everywhere...spam sammiches and nerf-phones...California is so out there..

Posted: 23 December 2010 by rebekah matzke from urbandale usa
I can't get my Blackberry to notify me when I've missed a call or have a voicemail. It used to flash and now I can't change the Alerts Off to Alerts ON?? HELP!

Posted: 22 December 2010 by sandra holland from reliance USA
you think you have problems with alerts -- i cannot get any -- s/holland rain or shine--no in-between--i have no idea how to make the reply section submit!

Posted: 2 October 2010 by Brad Evans from Ottawa
After a call with support, I did get my cell phone beep to stop. It was an option buried several menus deep in the setting area.

Posted: 2 October 2010 by Brad Evans from Ottawa Canada
Missed Call Beep ... I hate it hate it .. hate it hate it hate iyt hate it hate it hate it!!! Die missed call beep die die die !! .. phew I feel better now.

Posted: 23 April 2010 by just_so_you_know
i just got a new phone this past oct. i can't remember if i could turn it off on my old phones, but i can on my new one. i have an LG env3, and i'm with verizon.

Posted: 9 April 2010 by Even I know... do some of the other comment posters ... whether they're aware of the fact that they stated/implied as such or not... It's NOT the company in which your cell SERVICE is with that you need to be submitting such 'complaint' to. It's the company in which made the unit (cell phone) you have. Now I need to go back to the email I got the link to this site in and appropriately report it as spam.

Posted: 28 January 2010 by Andy from Brisbane Australia
You know what? There's already a feature on your phone which sorts out the first and third scenario you mention. If you want to ensure your phone is fully charged and you don't want to be disturbed with any calls - you can use the ....wait for it... power button! Wow how about that?!

Posted: 7 January 2010 by Sensible Person
This is the manufacturer of the phones, not the service providers doing. You don't complain to your cable company if you are dissatisfied with the way Sony made your television. You have WAYYY toooo much time on your hands also with the web design!?! Surprised such a tech savy person as yourself did not research the device, but why take the time to research a phone prior to purchasing it when you could be making websites like this one!

Posted: 16 August 2009 by jamie from milford usa
I TOTALLY AGREEE!!!!! there is no way at all to turn off the missed call "beep" on my LG CHOCOLATE phone. I DESPISE IT . I am thinking about getting a new phone that will allow me to turn this off!!!! STUPID STUPID VERIZON GRRRRRR

Posted: 7 August 2009 by Steve

Posted: 24 July 2009 by bob oconnor from South China USA
I have LG 8360 new handset when switched from Unicel to Verizon. I have set telemarketers and other annoying calls to "no ring" for those numbers. AND yet, I still get the missed call alert. Also happens if I suppress the ring while ringing. yes I can set to vibrate but there are calls i DO want and I need the ring... Verizon says that they can not turn it off... It should be a settable option.

Posted: 28 June 2009 by Cody from Auburn
Um. This only applies to Motorola phones not anything else. Nice job.

Posted: 25 June 2009 by Called Tech Support from Denver USA
If you turn down th volume on the side of the phone and watch the screen you can change the phone to vibrate only. You can also turn off the missed call alert and put the phone on vibrate by holding in the pound key.

Posted: 27 May 2009 by Samantha
I have an LG Voyager and it does not have a missed call alert. This is the only phone that I have ever seen the doesn't and it drives me nuts. Because the screen goes blank to save the battery, I don't see that on screen display either, therefore, I need to keep checking it. I did a live chat with LG and when I asked about a software update being released, I was told that they do not make the software Verizon does. I guess I need to go complain to them.

Posted: 23 May 2009 by Sandy
It's not Verizon that is makeing the phone beep for missed calls, it's the brand of phone you have. I like the missed call alert and have found that Motorola is only brand that has it.

Posted: 7 April 2009 by John from Larchmont USA
EUREKA! Solution: Sounds Settings-> Master Volume-> set to VIBRATE ONLY. I'M A F@#%ING GENIUS!!!

Posted: 7 April 2009 by John from Larchmont USA
My wife and I both have the LG Dare; mine has that annoying missed call beep, hers doesn't! will try to figure it out.

Posted: 5 April 2009 by AI from Provo USA
YES! Get rid of the missed call alert it is pointless and annoying!

Posted: 5 April 2009 by Mary Johnson from Columbia usa
I also HATE the missed call alert. I agree that the user, the CUSTOMER should be able to control this feature. Remember, Verizon, the customer is always right! We spend hundreds of dollars on cell services, and should decide if we want that alert or not. I have the Verizon Casio G-zone

Posted: 18 March 2009 by Lisa
I don't want to have a phone that doesn't have the "missed call beep". I really appreciate this feature. Unfortunately, I've not been able to find a telephone that advertises this feature. My Motorola V710 has - or should I say "had" - the "missed call beep"; it died today. I am an Alltel subscriber; they have LG, Samsung, and Motorola. I don't need the Smart Phones - i.e. Blackberry, Palm,... What other telephones have this feature?

Posted: 14 January 2009 by DAn from Allen, TX USA
Like others, I've always wanted this feature and am about to get off ATT because you can't get it. Although, I may not like it if it can't be turned off.

Posted: 9 January 2009 by LCan
I have the LG Dare and it doesn't beep or vibrate every two minutes for a missed call. I actually miss that feature!!!

Posted: 2 January 2009 by Upsydedown
Two things: 1. Why does Verizon assume that I NEED to know I missed a call at all times? I don't want to know that I missed a call from a number whose ringtone I have set to "no ring" (known telemarketers, the neighbor down the street who complains about everything, that pesky ex-girlfriend, etc). If a contact's ringtone is set to "no ring" why would I want to know I missed their call? 2. How about another setting that allows the phone to ring ONLY for selected contacts. If I am sleeping I NEED to receive calls from my family or the alarm company for my business but NOT a wrong number or the neighbor down the street complaining about my not trimming my shrubs. I guess the people at Verizon live in a perfect world.

Posted: 10 December 2008 by Whitney C
Yeah I really wish there was a way because it gets me in trouble with my teachers and its annoying when I am in the library it just randomly goes off. I have figured out how to shut if off for texts i just wish i could get it for the missed calls... dang!

Posted: 25 November 2008 by Joann McDonald from Mt.Washington USa
I am looking for a company that has this option. I am always missing important phone calls because there is not an audible beep. So far I have found is Verizon. So I guess it just goes to show you that it is very hard to please everyone.

Posted: 13 October 2008 by John Jacob
I recently called Verizon concerning this problem... 10-12-08. I was told that Motorola has released an 09'software update for the phone that will eliminate this missed call alert. I was directed to go to my local Verizon store and have the software upgraded. Here's Hoping!!

Posted: 10 October 2008 by I Want It
I guess I am the only one that WANTS the constant missed call alert beep and vibrate. Can any of you tell me which current Verizon Wireless phone has that feature? thanks!

Posted: 8 October 2008 by M. Lee from Miami United States
By George! I'm not alone! This is what I e-mailed Motorola in August of '07: "There MUST be a way to get rid of that Missed Call tone!! Why is there no option to edit it? WHY!? It is really bothering me. So much so that I am seriously considering getting a different phone because of it. If the ring is silenced (not ignored), using the side buttons, it STILL makes that Missed Call noise at the end. If I silenced the call, I already know I missed it. I don't need another silence-shattering sound telling me so. And if I wasn't around to hear it ring in the first place, why would an extra annoying sound at the end of the ring help any? It just disturbs those around that do hear it. And, while I'm at it, why on Earth is there that 'View Now' 'View Later' option screen? Can I not get rid of that? Simply having the small missed call symbol on screen (as if you pressed 'view later') would already give you the option to view later, without having to click an extra button. While at the same time giving you the option to 'view now,' by clicking just one button (the send button), without preventing you from accessing any of the other features. It provides no streamlining or convenience, but only an annoyance and possible hindrance. And WHY if I have a missed call, enable speaker phone, or get any message, does that symbol cover OVER the date on the front screen?? Any way, good job on the rest of the phone, but that missed call noise is driving me nuts. I'll hack the phone if I have to, just please tell me how to get rid of it." Their response: "... Regarding your concern, we are sorry to inform you that besides checking the missed calls list you can not turn off the missed call alert. ..." I went into the SEEM editor and erased the 'missed' call tone file. That only made things worse. It instead played an even louder, more irritating 'standard' sound file in it's place with every missed call.

Posted: 3 August 2008 by John from Lansing USA
Verizon really needs to get its act together when it comes to alerts. Other stuff as well.